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Okay this is what i am going to say in my defence. 1rst off, I made… - yep [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Streeets

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[Nov. 15th, 2004|11:49 pm]
The Streeets


Okay this is what i am going to say in my defence.

1rst off, I made plans with Molly for that friday one week in advance, and i know bryce works two jobs and he showed up and i didnt, well benitos, big boy and playland are all in the same general area, ice mountain is in burton, meredith's is in fenton, and it would have been out of my way. okay. Second of all, i only see molly on Fridays and Saturdays. thats it. I see dave,bryce,cardneau,Josh, and Chet every day in third block and in lunch, I miss Jason and Matt alot, but they are doing thier thing matt is in lansing and Jason is either in detroit or working. I know last year we were "closer" but times change, and they are going to keep changing. its impossible to reconstruct what we had last year, you cant re-organize that even if you tried. But i can make life easier on everyone by keeping the molly and hockey talk to a minimum, i listen to alot of Little Joes storys with derek and adam bodner and stuff, i know not nearly as much as i talk about molly but it is still alot but i listen to it because thats what your around alot. I just got off the phone with Matt and appologized for my actions recently he is a good guy and we are cool.I do alot for you guys, because i like to, Dave, you have my guitar right now, i let you borrow it, no questions asked, thats my first guitar and im very attached to it, but i gave it to you without even thinking twice about it. Cardneau, how many times have you came over to chets and just randomly wanted to go somewhere and chet didnt want to go, so i went with you even though i was tired and didnt want to do anything, and Bryce even though you probibly dont read this, remember sophmore year when we used to take you to the local all the time when you couldnt go. Or Jason when you would call me to go to big boy when i had no money or just plain didnt want to go and i just got up and did it cause it was the right thing to do. Honestly i would do anything for you guys seriously. Next time just tell me to shut up or tell me im being an ass, i really think making a manditory big boy meeting wasnt really us. when did we ever actually plan on going to big boy, normally it was a call saying "Hey what are you doing now? come to big boy" You dont have to "make and appointment" to hang out with me. You guys are my pals and i like ya alot. I just really like my girlfriend and i enjoy spending time with her, "Ghost Hunting" really isnt my thing, and not even two weeks ago i was at big boy with cardneau jason and molly. I think you guys are upset with me because i didnt go to big boy friday, im sorry. it doesnt mean that i dont like you guys or anything like that, and i think you know that. I wont talk about Molly as much, I wont talk about hockey as much. or i wont talk about how people are ugly to, thats arrogant and i wont stand for it. But just please respect my descion as i do yours i have respect for you guys your my friends and for what its worth im sorry.

thanks for bringing me back down i needed that.

[User Picture]From: otakonxxx
2004-11-18 07:55 pm (UTC)


no need to apologize dennis i think we all understand fully that time is limited and you cant do everything at once and sometimes other commitments take precedent.

also id like to apologize for the rude jokes in acting class.

i know that hockey and molly are your interests and are what your currently involved with. it's only natural to talk about it and its good you do because it shows passion.
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